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Transform Your Mood

Aromatherapy Reimagined

Smells Like Yoga

Ready to “bliss out”? Calling all serotonin seekers. Feel zen and love drunk on oxytocin with this mood-calming mist that smells like yoga. Float out of that savasana or off the sofa and unlock your inner yogi. The yin to your yang. You zen warrior…

Hiit Me Up

Ready to “come up”, as the beat drops like you’re flying on endorphins? Take a HIIT of this mood-boosting mist to get in the zone for your workout. The yang to your yin. Let’s do this dopamine machine…

About DOSE

We Know You

We know what makes you feel good - from wine, workouts and fries to yoga and holistic highs. A philosophy we like to call "healthy hedonism". It’s about balance, right?


We’ve been reporting on the wellness scene and staying ahead of the trends for over a decade – our website is our source of inspiration and information.

Feel Good

Like you, we are always looking for ways to boost our energy or to feel calm. That’s why we created mood hacks that harness the power of essential oils to do just that!

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